Cracks, Chips, And Windshield Glass: The Safety Fundamentals

Cracks, Chips, And Windshield Glass: The Safety Fundamentals

  • What To Do If You Need To Have Your Auto Glass Replaced

    Automobile windshields will crack from time to time or so many different reasons. Scattered rocks litter the roads and it's not uncommon for one of them to fly up and hit the glass of the next vehicle that rides by. Also, even a minor fender bender could be enough to cause a crack to appear in a car's glass. If you've never experienced a cracked windshield you might be a little alarmed when it actually happens to you.

  • 3 Important Reasons To Get Your Windshield Fixed ASAP

    Have you recently discovered that your vehicle's windshield has a chip or a crack in it? Are you thinking about putting off getting this fixed for some reason? When it comes to getting your windshield fixed, there are a number of excuses that you might have for why it should be done at some point in the future. But there are at least as many reasons why you should be getting your windshield fixed as soon as possible.

  • 3 Tips For Protecting Your New Windshield

    It feels great to replace your old windshield with a new, pristine one, especially if your old one was cracked or chipped. However, you may also find yourself experiencing a bit of anxiety since your new windshield was an investment and you don't want it to get damaged any time soon. While there is no way to completely damage-proof your new or repaired windshield, following these tips will help protect it as much as possible:

  • 5 Things You Should Wait To Do After Having Your Windshield Repaired Or Replaced

    It seems like the only time you ever discover a chipped, cracked, or broken windshield is when you're already in hurry to get somewhere. Calling for mobile or on-site windshield repair and replacement is the fastest solution, but there's still a mandatory wait for the work and for the adhesives to set and cure properly. Aside from waiting for the repair or replacement to be completed, you might want to wait at least a few hours to do any of the five following activities.

  • The Dangers Of Driving With A Damaged Windshield This Winter

    If you have been driving around with a cracked or chipped windshield, then you might already know that you should take care of the problem right away. However, because of lack of time, money or for some other reason, you might have been driving around anyway. Even though it's understandable that you might be pushed for time or might not have a lot of extra money, it's important to understand that driving around with a damaged windshield can be a big problem.

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    Cracks, Chips, And Windshield Glass: The Safety Fundamentals

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