Cracks, Chips, And Windshield Glass: The Safety Fundamentals

Cracks, Chips, And Windshield Glass: The Safety Fundamentals

2 Reasons The Glass In Your Car Is Different From The Glass In Your House

by Clifton Martinez

The glass in your car windows is different from the glass in the windows in your house. There are a lot of reasons for that. 

Safety Glass

One reason for that difference is that the windows in your car are made out of safety glass. There are different kinds of safety glass. The windshields are one kind: laminated glass. The side windows are another kind: tempered glass. Laminated glass is made out of two or more pieces of glass that have a clear adhesive or resin sandwiched in between to hold them together. The adhesive is applied and then pressure or heat is applied so that the two pieces of glass will stick together and become one unit. The laminated glass will make sure that if one piece breaks, it will stay attached to the other piece. Tempered glass has gone through heating and chemical processes that will strengthen the glass. Among other things, it will change the structure of the glass. Instead of breaking into sharp shards, tempered glass breaks up into chunks. You aren't going to get hurt on those chunks if the glass were to break. 

Safety Systems

Another reason that the windows in your house and the windows in your car are different is the fact that your windshield is actually part of your car's safety system. The windshield helps to tie the frame together, which makes the entire frame stronger. When you add in the fact that the lamination makes the windshield glass stronger, it can actually help to hold people in the car if there is an accident. It won't always stop people from being ejected, but it does help. If you have been in an accident and you aren't able to get out of the car the traditional way, the first responders can remove windshield as one solid piece with the right tools. That way you will be able to get out of the car or be treated for your injuries. The proper tools are going to include things that will separate the adhesive and seal holding the window to the rest of the car. When that has been removed, the windshield should be able to be removed all as one piece. A company like Chips Auto Glass can later replace the glass.

You may think that glass is glass, no matter what, but the glass in your car is different from what you are going to see when it comes to the glass in your house. 


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Cracks, Chips, And Windshield Glass: The Safety Fundamentals

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